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"See the ball - hit the ball"

Improve your batting average with Barrel Up!

Learn to keep your head down through contact with the ball.  

How Barrel Up! Works


1. Download the Barrel Up! app. 

2. Place your iPhone on the ground on a kickstand in your line of vision (from your eyes through the ball on the T, to your iPhone).  

3. Attach the Barrel Up! sensor to your batting glove or Barrel Up! wrist band. 

Swing the Bat and Keep your Head Down

An instant after you hit the ball you will see a number (1, 2 or 3) displayed on your iPhone. You will only be able to see which number is displayed if you keep your head down through your swing. 

Now for the Barrel Up! Test

After your swing, Barrel Up! will cycle through displaying 1, 2, 3 on your iPhone. When you see the number you saw during your swing, bump the bottom of the bat.  Your device will let you know if you made the correct selection.  If not, you will see a video replay of your swing. 

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