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A Patented, Unique and Fun Way to Improve Swing Mechanics

Barrel Up! trains batters to keep their heads down through contact with the ball, which will lead to 

more hits and more bases. 


John Horgan, President, Peabody West Little League, MA, Jan 2019

 We’d love to have Barrel Up! for our coaches!!!!

This will be a great tool that any coach, regardless of experience level, will be able to use. Definitely keep us updated for when it’s available.

How Barrel Up! Works



1. Wear the Barrel Up! wrist band

2. Start the Barrel Up! app

3. Put your iPhone on a kickstand in your line of sight (eyes --> tee--> kickstand)

 - works great for soft toss too


Swing the Bat


Keep your head down through contact with the ball and you will see a number displayed on your iPhone during your swing.



After your swing the app will flash three numbers - select the number you saw during your swing by bumping the knob of your bat. If you get it wrong you will be shown a video replay of your swing. 

Nine-year-old batter using Barrel Up!


Check out this great video showing how well this 9-year-old batter is staying back, balanced and controlling his head. Barrel Up! captures and edits swing video for quick review of each swing.


Special Early Adopter Price for the Barrel Up! Kit


($0.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Kit includes a kick-stand for phone or tablet, carry case, sensor with wrist band, and charging cable. During our early adopter program the Barrel Up! iPhone app will be provided via email link.  We look forward to receiving your feedback so we can continue to improve Barrel Up! 

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